Autism Professionals

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Autism Research
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1   Link   Interactive Autism Network (IAN)
The Interactive Autism Network (IAN) is an innovative online project bringing together tens of thousands of people nationwide affected by autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and hundreds of researchers in a search for answers.
2   Link   Organization for Autism Research
OAR uses applied science to answer questions that parents, families, individuals with autism, teachers and caregivers confront daily.
3   Link   The Mind Institute
The UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute supports critical research designed to understand the causes and to develop effective diagnoses, treatments, preventions, and ultimately, cures for autism, fragile X and other neurodevelopmental disorders.
4   Link   Autism Research - Genetics
Autism is a complex genetic disorder thought to be caused by one or more genes, either acting alone or together with other factors. Through the Medical Genetics collaborative research study into the hereditary basis of autism, we hope to find the gene(s) that leads to autism. Finding these gene(s) will provide valuable insight into how the disorder is caused and will hopefully lead to improved diagnostic and treatment modalities.
5   Link   Autism Reseach
The Autism Research Institute (ARI), a non-profit organization, was established in 1967. For more than 40 years, ARI has devoted its work to conducting research, and to disseminating the results of research, on the triggers of autism and on methods of diagnosing and treating autism. We provide research-based information to parents and professionals around the world.
6   Link   Research Autism - UK
Established in 2003 as the Autism Intervention Research Trust, we carry out high quality, independent research into new and existing health, education, social and other interventions. Our goal is the improvement of quality of life and outlook for the individuals affected and those around them.

We have the active support of some of the world’s leading figures in autism and research. They have given freely of their time and expertise to work with us. We also work closely with our research sponsor, the Autism Research Centre at the University of Cambridge, as well as with the National Autistic Society
7   Link   Autism Reseach Centre

The ARC is situated within the School of Clinical Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry, Section of Developmental Psychiatry, at the University of Cambridge. It brings together scientists working on autism from around the University of Cambridge and the Clinical School. It also has major collaborations with other universities, and works closely with clinical and advocacy services. The ARC has over 30 research scientists and support staff, drawn from a range of disciplines (cognitive neuroscience, psychiatry, paediatrics, neonatology, genetics, and biochemistry). It utilises state-of-the-art technology in these investigations, including functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), event-related potentials (ERPs), amniocentesis, and gaze-tracking.
8   Link   Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation
The SPD Foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of life for children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and their families by conducting and collaborating in rigorous research into the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of SPD.
9   Link - Recent Reseach