Autism Professionals

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Regular Meetings - Future

March 27, 2012

Sandra Masako Springer, JD, Family Law Attorney and parent of a 17-year-old son with Autism will speak about Conservatorships.

Sandra Masake Springer will explain what is conservatorships is, what a conservatorship petition is, and what to do if it is contested. She will also discuss special issues that may arise in contentious divorces involving a special needs child.



February 28, 2012

Eric Peacock, General Manager, helps parents find the best providers who can help their child thrive. It’s also a social network, allowing parents and family members to share information with others in the same situation. Thousands are already using the site, event though it only launched in June 2011. See more about HERE...


March 2011

Topic to be announced.


April 2011

Topic to be announced.