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 Subject :Group and Kingston announced the joint efforts to accelerate the SSD i..
07-12-2017 01:56:45 
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Subject :Group and Kingston announced the joint efforts to accelerate the SSD into the PCIe high-speed era

December 6, NAND Flash controller chipset and its major shareholders and long-term partners Kingston Technology jointly announced that it will launch a full range of products for high-speed, high-capacity PCIe interface SSD to accelerate the SSD into the new generation of high-speed PCIe, the expansion of new Market map.

Group said that since 2012, Kingston PATA, SATA, PCIe and other more than ten SSD control chip solutions, accumulated to date, total supply of Kingston's SSD control chip more than 18 million, becoming Kingston's main SSD chip supplier In the future, the cooperation between the two parties will also be closer, creating new opportunities for the growth of operations and profits in the future.

PAN Jian-cheng, chairman of the group, said Kingston's long-term partnership has laid down a tacit agreement between the two sides on the storage industry. As the economy reversed in 2016, the two sides joined hands in stabilizing the industry's leading position in the SSD market and jointly expanding the market by the time Flash was still in short supply in 2017. Therefore, this year's SSD chip shipments will be Give up double the annual growth success.

Nate Steffens, vice president of Kingston's flash memory technology, also said that for many years Kingston has always maintained close ties with the group at different levels of cooperation. The group has been providing multiple forward-looking flash solutions to help Kingston in the storage industry. Growth, the two sides will continue to work closely together in the future to maintain its leading position in the industry.

SSD power to PCIe interface mainly comes from the driving force of market demand. Although consumer SSDs still dominate the application of SATA interface in 2017, SSDs such as Samsung, Intel and Toshiba have basically been upgraded to PCIe interfaces and lead the market to more High-speed PCIe interface development. Meanwhile, in order to speed up the popularity of PCIe SSD in the market, independent control chip makers Marvell, Hui Rong, Qunlian, etc. are also actively introducing SSD control chips with their PCIe interfaces to expand their applications in the market. The high-speed PCIe SSD era has come.

Marvell has long been to guide the SSD market to PCIe interface development and the introduction of cost-effective 88NV1140 control chip, the 28nm process also introduced in 2017 the second generation NVMe SSD control chip 88SS1092 meet the high-end data storage needs. Hui Rong also introduced the second generation of PCIe SSD control chip, namely SM2262, SM2263, SM2263XT, both support PCI-E 3.0 x4 channel, support the new NVMe 1.3 protocol.

The mainstay of the group of cost-effective PS5008-E8 control chip and Kingston Technology are collaborating to launch the latest programs to facilitate PC OEM system vendors in the next generation of product design will be the SATA SATA interface to PCIe interface, 2017 Kingston KC1000 The M.2 SSD is based on the Alliance PS5007-E7 controller and the flagship Enterprise SSD DCP 1000 features Liqid-specific RAID technology and a group PS5007-E7 control chip with up to 6800 MB / s continuous read Take speed, and ultra high-speed performance of 1.25 million IOPS.

In the control chip factory owners push PCIe interface SSD control chip driven, as well as Flash original 3D NAND to expand production, will help SSD to PCIe interface and larger capacity development, ChinaFlashMarket ChinaFlashMarket is expected within the next 2 years, PCIe SSD is expected to replace SATA SSD Become the mainstream market demand.

OEMSemi is a global leading independent distributor for hard to find and obsolete electronic components and ICs in a wide range of fields, such MCP9700T-E/TT and XC7Z010-1CLG400C or many other electronic components.

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